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I have been working, in recent years, in the film and immersive experiences sector. I worked with direction, executive production, visual effects supervision and cinematography, having been one of the curators of the virtual reality film show at the Gramado Film Festival in 2019.

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O Inferno de Dante - Portal para Experiência Imersiva

Immersive experience adapted from the Divine Comedy, by Dante Alighieri, developed as a product in my master's thesis on the development of virtual environments in photogrammetry.


Um dia de Maraca (Cinematic VR)

Immersive experience in Cinematic VR of a day at the Maracanã stadium after Flamengo's title in the Libertadores Cup.

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Contos do Jardim (Cinematic VR)

Immersive film in cinematic vr where Dom Pedro and Princesa Isabel exhibit memories in the gardens of the imperial museum in petropolis.

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Um dia de Inter 360 (Cinematic VR)

Um dia de Inter 360 - Immersive experience in Cinematic VR with the tense atmosphere of the final match of the Brazil Cup, in Porto Alegre.

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Sintonia Espacial (Cinematic VR)

Sintonia Espacial is a short 360° film that tells the story of a former couple, Marcos and Clara, who reconnect due to social isolation. It all starts with a call from Marcos to Clara and a desire both to know how the other is doing, but with a certain fear of getting too tuned in.


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 Experimental immersive film developed in a research project at the federal university of rio de Janeiro on the preservation of historical heritage in the city of ouro preto, in minas gerais.

Viva Ouro Preto VR (Cinematic VR)

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